9 Ways to Personalize Emails

personalize emails
Personalize your emails to create messages that resonate with the recipient on their level. Depending on the email marketing software you use, it’s essential to know all the features that it has so that you can utilize its full potential. You may not even be aware of all the things your email marketing software is capable of doing. If you’re not sure, consider seeking out an expert on that software program so that everything is set to the most efficient and personal in nature.

Personalize emails to be as unique as the intended recipient

1. Craft Interest-Targeted Email Messages: Use the software to capture the information needed to personalize and craft email messages toward what your subscriber wants to know about. This is an important way to move your potential clients enough to purchase from you. Capturing the right information will enable you to point your subscribers to products and services that they want.

2. Create Geocentric Messages: It is likely that your email software allows you to capture location-based information from customers. This information can be used for a variety of purposes, from marketing events in their area to encouraging them to visit your brick and mortar location, if you have one.

3. Let Them Define What Information They Want: Sending a poll or checklist to subscribers that let them determine what information they want to get is a good way to find out exactly what your recipients need and want to hear from you. It is also vital to understand how often your subscribers want to hear from you as well.

4. Acknowledge Purchases Made: Each time a purchase is made it’s important to send a thank you, and to move them from a potential customer to existing client list. No one appreciates being hassled when they’re continually receiving the same marketing message.

personalize emails5. Encourage Social Sharing: Put social share buttons on appropriate email messages so that your subscribers can help you get more people to sign up for your email marketing lists. This type of personalization encourages them to share with their friends and to friend, like and follow you on other social media channels.

6. Insert Predefined Fields: Most email programs allow you to insert different pre-defined fields. For example, if you have a website that is devoted to selling art, you could send a questionnaire to your audience asking them about favorite styles and passion. Then the software will trigger valid emails to go out based on those choices and mention the style within the email message. If they don’t provide the information, the program will input the option you choose into that Pre-defined field.

7. Use Date Fields:  It’s important for many of your emails to be pre-crafted, but you can make the email message appear recently created by using the date insert field. The message then seems timelier. With that function, in conjunction with recent sales pages, you can personalize by keeping everything consistent.

8. Use Retargeting Technology: When someone visits your website or buys something, it’s important to use the technology to retarget them to encourage future purchases. When your client receives your email, the software then installs a cookie that allows specific ads to be delivered to the user each time they visit various web pages.

9. Ask for Product Reviews: When a customer buys a product, send them a thank-you message along with a series of follow-up messages. One of which can be a request for a product review after giving them enough time to try your product or service. The form they fill out for the review will also ask for more information about them that you can use for further targeted marketing.

Although most consumers are savvy enough to realize that a lot of email marketing is automated, many prefer more personalization than less. So, if you want to compete with others, it’s critical that you use your program to its fullest personalization potential. We are all consumers and can appreciate the effort it takes for marketers to personalize emails. Therefore, keep in mind that fuzzy feeling you get the next time you set up your email campaign.

What is your best advice for sending personalized emails?


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