Choosing A Domain Name in 3 Steps

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When it comes to building a website, your domain name could make it or break it. A catchy domain name can help people remember who you are and easily find you to give them what they’re looking for. By contrast, a bad domain name can make your website hard to find, meaning anyone looking for your site will find someone else or give up trying. Here are some quick and easy tips to help you pick the name that’s best for you.

Here are three tips to consider  when selecting your domain name:

  • Make it easy to remember. If people remember a website, they’re more likely to go to it. Our brains process tons of information in a day, and we forget most of it. Just because someone’s friend tells them about a great website, doesn’t mean they’re going to remember the name when they have time to check it out.
  • Make it related to your site. When you start choosing your domain name, the best place to start is with a few keywords related to your topic. Take these keywords and try to turn them into a name. While you might be able to find an excellent catchy word or phrase, if it’s not related to your topic, people aren’t going to remember it or perhaps be able to make the connection.
  • Make it easy to type. There are individual letters that are naturally harder to type than others. While it may not make the biggest difference, try to avoid letters like q and p. And avoid confusing combinations. If in doubt, have a friend who isn’t the best typist try to get to the sites. If one takes a lot longer or is harder for them, it’s probably best to throw out that option.

Domain name ‘no-no’s – try to avoid these common mistakes:

  1. Names that are hard to spell.
  2. Misspellings. If you misspell a common word, people are probably not going to spell your domain name right. Correct spellings are easier to remember. If they don’t get it on the first try, they may try again, but more likely they’ll either find another site with the correct spelling or simply give up.
  3. Names including numbers. While it might be clever, it’s hard for people to remember, and it’s hard to spread the site name by word of mouth.
  4. Names that are too close to a popular website. Sure, you might get the traffic from misspellings, but that’s not going to be enough to sustain a quality site.

If you’re stuck finding a good name, try going to a site that sells domain names and entering your keywords. Often, sites such as this will help you find related names that are available, and you may also be able to bundle your domain purchase with hosting. This will help to eliminate purchasing a name that is already taken or owned by someone else.

Would you like a little more direction for your domain name? Leave me a comment below and let’s start the creative wheels turning!

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