Good Content = King!

good contentIt used to be that if you wanted to make money on the Internet, you could create web pages that were easily links and ads and, if you knew enough about search engine optimization, you’d make money. If you’re like me, you certainly hated it when you found these pages and at once hit the back button to find a new page. After a while, popular search engines created programs to find and weed out these sorts of sites. Afterwards good content became increasingly important.

Good content is not only important to get to the top of Internet searches, it’s also important to help make you money once people get to your website. If they show up and find poor or no content, they’ll perhaps be like me and just leave before they can click on links or buy any products. They figure if your website isn’t high quality, neither is anything they can find there. Good content helps them stick around longer and builds faith in the quality of your site.

Quality content is likewise important for getting links to your site. You can give your content to article archives. People then use your content, which includes a link to your site. This raises your search engine rankings. Quality content also gets people talking about you whether it’s on blogs or their own Website.

So, what is good content? Good content should be written respectively for your target audience. If your customers are newcomers to the Internet, you don’t want to use technical jargon they won’t understand. Similarly, if you are marketing to seasoned businessmen, you want to use more specific terms and ideas so they view you as a reliable source of information.

good content

It may be obvious, but good content should be well written. You may get a good price on content from various sites, but that doesn’t mean the product is worth your online reputation. Many people offer content great for search engines with high keyword use, but if it’s not readable, people will not stick around your website long and you’re probably not going to make much money from it. Plus, you may not get anyone else to post your content and link back to your site.

Many Internet marketers focus on keyword density when looking for content. They need a certain quantity of the words they want to be search engine keywords. While this can create, the issue is that when you try to use specific words so many times it becomes repetitive and lowers the quality of the writing. Good content writers can deliver articles that use the words enough just by writing an article on a specific topic. If you have quality writers, you need not worry about keyword use.

It helps you if your content is original. There are hundreds of services out there that will give you great content to post on your website for free as long as you don’t change it. This is great for them because it has a link back to their site and boosts their search engine rankings. It helps because it gives you content; but, if the same content is in other places on the Internet, it will not do you much good in getting your site higher search engine rankings.

It may take you a while to find quality writers, or to learn to write yourself, but after you do you will instantly see the benefits.

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