Does Morning Exercise Really Make a Difference? YES

morning exerciseIt’s no big secret that exercise, proper nutrition, getting plenty of rest and drinking lots of water throughout the day is a proven recipe for health. Regarding exercise, is there a particular time of day when working out or staying physically active will deliver greater rewards? The answer to that question seems to be “yes”, and the time you should be exercising is in the morning.

When you are productive in any area of your life, you enjoy less stress and anxiety, more happiness and a sense of fulfillment, and more success. To boost your productivity, be active more often. Jogging, taking a walk, lifting weights, cycling, and performing yoga will give you more energy than if you are sedentary, which will naturally lead to better productivity. When you schedule that exercise in the morning, you supercharge that productivity.

Here’s how morning exercise works

Exercise in the morning means fewer scheduling conflicts. You never miss a workout when you wake up early, and you don’t have to push other responsibilities aside to make sure you get in your workout. This means after your morning workout, your entire day can be focused on productively knocking out your to-do list, and daily responsibilities.

Waking up is hard to do for a lot of people. This means sluggishly getting through the morning and heading to work without much energy. Exercise fires up your endorphins and cranks up your energy levels. Enjoying just 20 minutes of physical activity in the morning will lead to energy reserves to fuel a productive day.

Morning exercise means a spike in your metabolism. So when you have a mid-morning snack and lunch throughout the day, you effectively burn more calories. Meaning you’re less likely to suffer a mid-afternoon energy crash. Moderately intense to higher intense physical activity also wakes up your brain. So then you’re allowed to start the day with a clear head, improving your chances of keeping ahead of your responsibilities throughout the day.

What about motivation?

As far as motivation goes, getting your workout in early gives you a boost of self-esteem. You have barely begun your day, and you have already accomplished something important. Success can build upon itself. The feel-good hormones that exercise releases make you feel good about yourself for exercising in the morning. A time for most it may be tough to think about physical activity. This successful early-morning achievement develops the proper mindset to attack following goals. And other commitments with a lot of productive energy and positive feelings.

Morning exercise is not the ‘fix-all’ to your daily productivity challenges. However, if it is a priority, at least by getting it done in the morning, you are less likely to be frustrated because you either have to squeeze it in later or skip it altogether.

Join the conversation! What tips can you offer to get up and get after it, for a solid 30-minute workout?

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