SEO Boosts Your efforts in 7 Steps

SEO is here to stay!


Take Your SEO Game UP A Notch

It is one of those catch phrases, that never lost its luster, SEO (search engine optimization) is apparently here to stay and of course for every marketer with the intention to effectively use the internet to promote their product or service SEO has to become more than a ‘office-hold’ name! Have you ever wondered like me, what is the point to search engine optimization anyway? On the simple side of the coin, to get ranked higher in page results, however, it is more complicated on the other side. Google is continually updating how pages and content are ranked, fortunately for us marketers here are some great resources available to help us stay up to date.

Start with the basics: The Foundation

If you are anything like me, I sometimes need some direction to know where to start! It’s like starting to watch a movie that you realize has been rolling for about an hour, you just never really get into it because your mind immediately is playing catch up instead of anticipating the next scene. Understanding SEO is not quite the same, however, it is best to have a firm grasp of the basics before proceeding to the more advanced techniques. And since Google has the tendency to make changes that include assessing penalties when a mistake is found in your optimization efforts, staying abreast of the advanced techniques will not take up too much of your time, although the time invested will show up well in the ROI. In fact according to Jayson Demers there is no need to be a tech wizard when it comes to today’s SEO strategies.

The 4 basics:

1. Keywords: 

Because keywords are used for searching, they are critical if in fact you want a favorable rank for all the effort you put into your landing page, blog post, or website. Keywords are what unlocks the path to your content.

2. Backlinks:

Backlinks help to increase your sites popularity because they are inbound links, and in fact backlinks have become some of the main building blocks for reputable SEO strategies. You also want to be certain to add credibility to your content by providing links to outside sources to back up your position or claim. While at the same time building relationships with other bloggers.

3. Meta Descriptions:

As a matter of fact, meta descriptions do still matter, that’s because it is the sentence right below the URL on the search page that serves as the meta description. Although writing effective meta descriptions can be viewed as some type of an art form, it’s really not that complicated, however as with anything else, it takes a focused effort to create the appropriate description.

4. Image tags:

Image tags are a must because the tags help Google know how to identify the image. With just a little direction on how to optimize your images, you’ll soon be patting yourself on the back for a post well written with images that grab the appropriate attention.

More advanced Techniques:

5. Mobile Traffic Optimization:

It is almost an insult to suggest to you to incorporate a mobile traffic SEO strategy, however, a recent study on load times for responsive mobile sites determined 69% were unacceptable. This is the reason professionals make page load times and optimization a priority. After all one would have been a hermit not to realize the importance of targeting the ever-growing mobile audience.  You should also stay away from videos that the user can’t play and other unsupported content.

6. Match your content marketing campaigns with technical SEO:

Creating or maintaining your competitive advantage means, among other things, to stand out. Hence to be victorious at the SEO game YOU need content marketing. Highlights of an article by Quick Sprout include:

  • Targeting industry blogs for guest posting opp’s
  • Including a detailed FAQ page on your website.
  • Focusing on indirect conversions.

By combining the best SEO practices with the ‘go to play’ of content marketing, you increase your fan base by adding value to your readers.

7. Link building is just like traditional Public Relations:

In a way, PR is the same as link building. The main point of PR is to build and enhance relationships. Link building attempts to build SEO by getting links on other relevant and high-quality sites. Creating the a win/win for all involved, link building provides access to audiences without a major investment of time and other resources.

How will you take your SEO up a notch?

If the idea of another project to add to your to get done list is keeping you up at night, I am currently taking on new clients. Feel free to contact me, let me know how I can help you improve your results!