Trivia Games are Cool & 5 Reasons to Play

Trivia GamesWhy Trivia?

Have you ever wondered why many people are stuck on the ‘good ‘ole days’ and why trivia games are so popular? Maybe the allure of days gone by or the goosebumps you get at the thought of a favorite memory. Nevertheless, we all enjoy recalling the sounds, smells, and events of the past. It’s when those games conjure up special memories shared with friends and family that makes them particularly enjoyable. Trivia games help us all to appear a little smarter than the next guy. Many of us can recall random tidbits of information at the drop of a hat, while some of us have never seen the point. Nevertheless, trivia is a familiar concept and carries a level of excitement available to everyone.

Brief History of Trivia Games

The trivia behind trivia takes us back to the mid-1400’s. Many believe that the word trivium influences the modern use of the word. Trivium, the study of the liberal arts established a collection of facts only relevant to a small portion of the population. The video, History of Trivia shares a quick summary.


The game Trivial Pursuit has been played by an estimated 1 billion people worldwide since its creation in 1979. Time Magazine dubbed it the “biggest phenomenon in game history.”


5 Reasons to Play Trivia (Nostalgic) Games

  1. Increases your self-confidence: Participating in games that offer a sense of success and a challenge helps us all to build the feeling of “I can.” Therefore, increasing self-esteem, and confidence. 
  2. Promotes your essential skills: Games help to instill problem-solving, effective communication, and emotional stability skills.
  3. They’re fun for everyone: Some games require physical energy, such as dancing or karaoke, which does not appeal to everyone. Trivia games allow people to focus on areas they are familiar with and other things of interest to them.
  4. They help you escape the stresses of life: It’s true, the longer we live, the more intense the pressure of life becomes.  At least playing a game allows us to be a kid again.
  5. It exposes you to greater imagination and creativity

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